Our server is finally up to date and on 1.15. We appreciate everyone staying off all day on Tuesday while we implemented it. We have added cosmetic plugins the last month for your latest enjoyment such as masks to help add special effects to your game play & capture balls to help capture and transfer mobs in a cool game play way. Who needs a lead anymore?

We have updated the crates earned in game and also bought crates to make them worth your while.
The February Monthly crate is now up and waiting for our players to explore. It will be 10% off on our online store for a week along with donation ranks so tune into our sale while it lasts!

We are currently searching for content creators for Lores for custom items such as weapons, relic sets, armor, items etc. If you are good at spelling/grammar and have a love for being creative please contact Raigna or Anorchous on discord!

Near future
We have begun working on dungeons, new in game ranks, items, recipes, parkour mini games, and so much more to come out within the next few months. We anticipate our first dungeon will be out shortly and we hope to see you come and play with us!

Update to 1.15.2
Over the next week we will hopefully be updating to 1.15.2 as long as things go smoothly. This will probably happen on a tuesday or wednesday. During the update process we will be taking the server down to backup any important files and to do the necessary updates required.

during this time we also want to do some important fixes to some major bugs/exploits and introduce some quality of life changes such as a better tutorial area, updates to the prices in the server shop, a visual upgrade to menus etc and more...

Near future
We want to begin working on making everything more clear and streamline and delivering on our promises of new custom items,mobs and dungeons, currently some things we feel are a bit all over the place and this we feel makes the server look unprofessional.

Welcome to Mysteria

We have just released our brand-new website for you all to enjoy, the staff team hope this update will help the server grow and make it become a more enjoyable place for our community to hang out and discuss topics.

To go along with this release Mysteria would also like to announce we are looking for new talented builders to join our growing server, if you would like to join our team please submit an application for review. We will be sure to get back to you once your application has been discussed internally with management.

Any suggestions you may have towards our network will be gratefully received, along with bug reports. We pride ourselves being able to listen to the community and fix or implement anything they desire.

Mysteria's Management Team​