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    Player Classes
    In order to bring up the class selection menu, you type /class.


    Class Points
    In order to pick a class (or change classes) you will need a class point. You get these when you first join and from a NPC located within /spawn.

    The default class is human, and that is what players are initially. They will not be able to gain experience or level up in this class.

    Leveling up Classes
    To level up a class all you need to do is fight monsters, each monster you kill will give you some exp towards your next level

    Attributes are RPG statistics which players can level up to unlock new perks

    Using the attribute menu (which you can access using /attributes), players can see what attributes they have, level up their attributes or use an attribute reallocation point in order to redistribute their attribute points.

    Overview of default attributes
    The Strength attribute is meant to be leveled up by warriors or tanky classes like paladins because it grants both extra weapon damage for extra damage burst and maximum health for extra tankiness.

    Warriors, thieves or rangers may focus on leveling up their dexterity because it increases their movement speed (either to escape for lighter classes like rogues or marksmen, or to run in the fight for warriors), their projectile damage for marksmen and their physical damage (both physical skills and weapons).

    Last but not least, intelligence is mainly for mages because it increases a lot (compared to other attributes) damage dealt by magical skills. It also reduces skill cooldowns which can be used by any other class.

    Player Skills
    Skills are amazing and unique abilities that players can use to defeat their enemies or buff their party mates fighting and surviving. Skills are either passive i.e always active, in which case they don't need to be bound to take effect, or active. Active skills must be bound and cast in order to be used.

    Upgrading a skill
    Upgrading a skill increases its power. Players can choose the skill they would like to upgrade based on their play style and skill path they decided to follow. Upgrading a skill takes one skill point which are earned when leveling up. You can upgrade your skills in the skill GUI (/skills).


    Select the skill you'd like to upgrade by scrolling through your class' skills at the top of the GUI, and click on the upgrade item. On the bottom of the GUI, you can see how powerful the spell would be with a higher level.

    Binding active skills
    You have 6 skill slots which you can use to bind active skills to certain keybinds, therefore you can't have more than 6 active skills bound at a time. You may bind skills using the skill GUI, available using /skills. Once your skills are upgraded (see above), you can click the Switch to Binding item, in order to display your current available skill slots. You may also see your current bound active skills. You can bind the selected skill to a specific slot by clicking the corresponding item. As soon as you click it, it will update and display the newest skill. If slot X is unused, skills bound onto other skill slots will automatically refill empty slots so lower keybinds are always used.


    Once your skills are upgraded and bound, you may cast them.


    Ambers Ambers drop when dealing magic damage. Grants X% max mana back when picked up.
    Combo Attack Repeatedly slashes the target for X total damage.
    Control Slows the target. When left clicking, knocks him back in target direction.
    Deep Wound Punctures target, damaged is increased based on target's missing health
    Empowered Attack Charges your weapon with lightning. Your next attack deals extra damage and spreads onto nearby enemies
    Evade You become immune to damage till you attack again/end of duration
    Fire Storm Fire projectiles cast on the target, dealing damage
    Fireball Damaging & igniting fireball
    Furtive Strike Deals damage, greatly increased if target is isolated
    Ice Spikes Ice spikes summon from the ground, damaging and slowing hit enemies
    Greater Healings Better version of skill above
    Human Shield Reduces damage taken by ally, and redirect to your a portion of the block damage
    Minor Healings Heals for X health target/self if crouching
    Power Mark A mark spreads around initial target. Any damage dealt within mark radius accumulates damage. Mark explodes after Xsec, dealing X% of accumulated, stunning & knocking back nearby enemies. The higher the damage, the longer the stun
    Telekinesy Target's movement is taken over. Left click to knock him back and end skill
    Warp Point the ground & teleport to target location
    Weaken Weakens target, increasing damage taken

    Casting Skills
    In order to cast active skills, or abilities, players must enter casting mode by pressing the [F] keybind (hand swap key). When in casting mode, as long as you do not exit it by pressing [F] again, you may cast the skills you have bound by pressing any key from [1] to [6]. Active skills players can cast are showed on the player action bar when in casting mode as seen on the following screenshot.


    Skill Slot Offset
    You may notice the keys you need to press on the screenshot are not exactly all the keys from [1] to [6]. Since the player's held item slot is currently the 4th slot of his hotbar, he cannot press [4] (Minecraft does not register useless slot swaps) and therefore he cannot cast the skill he bound to his 4th skill slot. This is why all the skill slots after the 4th slot have been offset by 1.
    If the player holds his item in the 7th, 8th or 9th slot of his hotbar, there will be no offset.

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