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    Towny and Grief Prevention
    Towny includes a wide variety of features to enhance cooperation between players and includes many features not seen in regular survival. Create towns and nations, go to war with other nations or work together to create your own little paradise..

    Grief Prevention is for players who enjoy keeping things simple and do not wish to participate in group events and activities, purchase or earn claim blocks to protect your builds from potential griefers.

    Custom Mobs and Bosses
    All monsters that roam Mysteria have had a upgrade with monsters becoming stronger and faster depending on their level, new mobs have also been created like the Ghost and the Bandits, each bring new attacks, skills and loot to the game.

    Bosses are extremely dangerous and normally require a team to bring them down, be prepared before challenging these titans otherwise you’ll soon end up dead…

    Remnants and Artifacts
    Remnants can contain random custom enchantments, weapons, tools and artifacts that may prove useful on your adventures, you’ll obtain them from time to time by killing monsters that stand in your way.

    Artifacts are items with special properties, some repair broken armor, others can be used to teleport you to unknown lands.

    Chat Titles
    Earn unique titles to display and show off your achievements, tags can be found by purchasing ranks, drops from a mob or by completing quests.

    Quests and World Events (new)

    Quests can be found in spawn and around special towns and cities, they vary from little story missions to simple fetch quests, Complete quests to earn special rewards.

    Events are global missions that pop up from time to time, these include fishing competitions and more.

    Friendly Community
    We strongly believe that the community is the heart of a server, Our staff and players are very welcoming to new players and we have no doubt you’ll be making new friends in no time, Toxic behavior and drama is strictly not allowed and is swiftly taken care of by one of our many active staff members.
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