Who is Elijahandskip! (My Introduction)

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    Hello Everyone! My IGN is Elijahandskip. In real life, I am studying to be a meteorologist (Weather guy), so I might talk about a recent weather event. I am also a Wikipedia editor who works on the current events portal (Basically the Wikipedia news that has a chance to become an article). This one might surprise a few people, but on top of all that, I am a Minecraft YouTuber! My channel is "Elijahandskip Gaming". I can't wait to try out the server.

    P.S. I am staff currently on two Minecraft servers. One is called 'CustomFactions' {Currently between seasons} and the other is called 'JailBreak' {Currently in development}. Now the JailBreak server use to be owned by the YouTuber, "FactionsRaven" {Currently has 261k Subscribers}. It is currently owned by "Config" {The owner of MineSaga}.

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